Thursday, 9 April 2009

The story so far!!!

As it says in the about me section... I joined ww in 2004, i lost weight :O) i stopped going, i gained weight :O( i rejoined last year and i'm loosing again...

Well kind of....

...i was doing really well till i joined the gym in january and then i had no losses for 2 LONG months i gained half a pound here, half a pound there.... no real reason for it, i was pointing everything but i'd gained 7.5lbs by the time i went on holiday in febuary... I was so shocked when i came back, i'd lost 1.5lbs :O) i thought i was on to something good and then the next two weeks i gained again! and then last week i lost 5lbs :O) i was so pleased and fingers crossed for my weigh in tonight! I'll keep you posted

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