Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ok so nearly a month...

Since my last and first blog... but i completely forgot my login details like a muppet and anywhoo...

I feel totally addicted to biggest loser at the mo... i feel like i need to be on the show to actually get my butt in gear. But i think the problem is i dont weigh enough so i couldnt even apply, as the smallest people this time were just over 15st. so 2stone more than me! but they do so much fun stuff!

I do go to the gym but i could proberly push myself alot harder (as i did when i had a personal trainer for 10 sessions jan 08). My other half said he was going to join so he can help me get the most out of my work out but that was over a month ago... and i'm still waiting.! I think my main reason for wanting him to join is so i can get £10 knocked off my membership (he he he) so we can do a joint one!

I'm looking forward to my weigh in tonight... and i really love helping out. I would kinda recommend it to anyone, but at the same time i miss half the meeting as i'm sorting out the money or writing the envelopes so only catch the end of what nic says! but its great none the less! You feel like you have to do that bit more as its like your representing the company and you wouldnt want to pay someone at the paying desk or and the shop whose getting bigger, would you?

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