Friday, 29 May 2009

First trip to the gym after a week...

and it was so hard!!! my energy levels had dropped so much... i was really shocked,

I did 15mins cross trainer, 8.5mins rower and supposedly 12 mins upright bike , but i kept stopping and couldnt handle anymore...

and to make things worse, kfc is like almost next door to the gym and i went and got an avalance with flake!!! very nice for a summers day!

My last weigh in before Austria!

and i gained half a pound... despite not exercising at all so was quite chuffed... But now i have 3 weeks to my next weigh in (18th june) as i miss 2 when i'm away.... it feels like ages, so much could happen in 3 long weeks!

but not exercising really showed me how much it makes a difference to your life, this past week i have been so tired... yet worked less than a normal week.... no umph to do anything apart from laze around. On tuesday night i fell asleep at 9pm... and that is not like me... and in myself i just dont feel with it or focused...

Going to have a late breakfast then go to the gym :O) can't wait x x x

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

new do! and the week after the horrible weigh in!!!

I coloured my hair and it looks alright, i cant grumble.... the only prob is my extensions dont match, they are darker and they wont let me exchange them... next time i will wait till after i dye it, but i was so excited lol...

anywhoo... not to sure how my week has gone, but wi will let me know tomorrow, its my last weigh in before holiday...

I havent counted, but have made pretty wise choices... i have not exercised at all but i will tomorrow morning... its just to see if it makes a difference... as exercise doesnt help me loose at all.... well maybe half a pound, but nothing more... normally gain... :O(

on the plus side i am going to go jogging while on holiday, packing my trainers and my jogging bottoms...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My Virtual Model

Pic 1 -Heaviest 14st 12.5lbs
Pic 2 - Current 12st 12.5lbs
Pic 3 - Personal Goal 12st
Pic 4 - Goal!!! 11st
The fact i have lost 2stone and the differnce is the first 2 pics isnt very encouraging... not much difference at all, but the goal one will really spur me on :O)

What a weekend!!!

I did so much driving, drove to kent on sat as me and OH went to stay at my parents, which was nice, then on the sunday, had to drive from kent to SE London, to get my OH food shopping as he gets it from a cash and carry, meat, fish, yam, plantain, rice etc... then stopping by middlesex on the way home to take OH to see his daughter before going home back to berkshire, but an hour after we got back we decided to drive to wokingham for a drink as it was a beautiful evening... and while someone was sleeping off there hang over yesterday i had to work! Off today though!

Anywhoo i am going to dye my hair today... and this is the colour

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Weigh in result!

Well, well, well i was very disapointed with just 0.5lb loss, as i have worked so damn hard, which means i'm still 2.5lbs from my 10 %. So fingers crossed for next week!


I'm still chuffed though :O) as on the flip side.... from my heaviest (my first attempt) i have lost a total of... 2stone!!! :O)

and also inches wise...

Previous ------------------- Current
Right upper arm: 31cm ------ 31cm = Same
Right thigh: 69cm ----------- 70.5cm = Gained 1.5cm
Waist: 96cm ----------------- 92cm = Lost 4cm
Hips: 118.5cm --------------- 117.5cm = Lost 1cm

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

* Yesterday * Today * Tomorrow*

I didn't go to the gym in the end yesterday i went for a walk/jog/walk/jog thingy...
I had a lot to prove when i went out too as my OH said "you'll be back in 10Min's" what a cheek... talk about little faith, and in fact i was gone for a good half hour! and went quite far too!

I made up for it today, i went to the gym straight after work! but i was only giving it 95% today as i had body pain, but i was trying to work it off... in fact it just a made it worse. I was more sore than when i started.

I'm looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow as i have been an angel food wise and a road runner exercise wise... i have worked my butt off... but I'm a bit apprehensive as i have been stupidly checking my weight every day numerous times, i know my weight fluctuates by 3lbs a day... but i was just hoping to get an idea if i have lost, i will be so angry and disappointed if i haven't lost or if its only a small loss!!!

Holiday only 2 wi ins away!!! :O( ....

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Not in the mood... Cats out of the bag!

All geared up to go to the gym after work, but i forgot my trainers!
So i popped to sainsburys to take something back and the came home to get my trainers, but i made the mistake of taking a solero out the freezer as i was a lil peckish and sitting down to put the lap top on to check my e-mails while i ate it... and now i'm all comfy and can't be bothered.... i should have picked them up and walked straight out the door!

I will go in a min, promise!

Also did my squats yesterday... ok i admit i "cheated", well i was going Follow do colum 2 throughout and i changed to do colum 1 yestereday... the easier one... whoops!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

I learnt a VERY important lesson today!

Only wear grey jogging bottoms to the gym if you are having a light workout!

I normally wear black ones but both pairs were in the wash... so put my grey ones one... another hard work out but a little less than my previous 2 as my squats yesterday have taken there toll on certain body parts! ouch! so i found the cross trainer really hard at first today...

any whoo...

By the time i was doing my streches at the end, just doing my last one, inner thigh stretch and looked in the mirror and noticed as i had been sweating alot i looked like i wet myself!

Not good!

So i went to soak away my aches and pains and embarassment in the spa! :O)

Suprise, Suprise

Me and my OH made plans to go to the gym at 9am this morning, followed by a trip to the spa, so we are home in time so he can watch the arsenal match...

I got home from work at 7.30 this morning and suprise suprise as always, every sat, "i've got a headache, i'm tired, i need to sleep, lets go this afternoon after football etc..."

Grr!!! this is so typical!! he might join one day!

Looks like i'm going going by myself then :O)

Friday, 15 May 2009

First day of squats!

My first day on the 200 squat challenge.... definiatley feeling my thighs working. I was shocked how quickly my face went red! and the top of my leg made a funny clicky noise.

I cant wait to see the results in 6 weeks time :O)

:O) :O) :O) WI result

Well i went to the gym yesterday! it was fantastic! I pushed myself harder than tuesday :O) was really on a high afterwards. I felt great, like really great i was standing tall with my head held high.

I even wore my new clothes to my meeting and got lots of nice compliments :O) does that count as a nsv?

and lost 0.5lbs too x x x i did have a naughty wed night that i forgot to mention... i had two custard donuts 6pts each and mini cookies 2.5pts over my daily allowence wed night... but still a loss! :0)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I'm in such a fantasic mood!

I'm in such a great mood having a real positive day! and would you believe i brought a whole outfit for £2.02? well its true! i purchased purple wedges, a white skirt, purple top and a necklace!

Well thanks to tesco! you know they send out the vouchers every 4 months? well i had £11.50 worth and i went in to tesco today and it turns out every £5 voucher you can turn in to £10. but you have to use it like on tesco clothing or in their skincare/makeup/perfume section, wine etc.. so i chose clothing and got £20 worth of vouchers, so i got the whole lot for £2.02 cash. i would have been £2.50 but i got 48p vat back lol. BONUS!

I think i will wear this new outfit for wi in tonight... I always wear the same clothes for weigh in. black trousers and a top. but i know its a crappy day but the sun is trying to come through and i need to do my transition to summerwear for weigh in... so skirt every week!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Woo!!! what a work out!!!

Just been to the gym and it was one big long cardio session!!! it was so funny i never see anyone i know there and i walked in and there was a guy from my meeting... so i felt io had to push myself that harder...
and then a bit later i was exercising in front of the tellys and my fave show "biggest loser" was on and it encourged me to push through the pain as my thighs were killing me, and i feel fantastic for it!!! :O) i even did an extra 10 mins on the cross trainer and a 10 min cool down on the tread mill just to watch the end of the show!

I definatley need to time it right for my next work out!

Pics from when i lost 3 stone before...

Here's a few pics from when i was 12st 0.5lbs you can see my face is slimmer...
Oh thats me and my other half in November 2006... The early days lol x

I was well annoyed my mum seems to have lost my "before" picture that was on her pc! and i dont have a copy... and that was the only pic of me at my fattest! whats am i going to do?

200 Hundred Squats

I'm going to to give the 200 hundred squat challenge a go! just did my initial test and did 26, so i'm just above the Poor section by 1 squat lol... So i'm an average jo!

I'm going to begin week 1 on friday as my weigh in is thurs... so fridays are my mondays :O) and hopefully it'll help my thighs as they are a problem area for me being very pear shaped.

I'm sure there is going to be many post of me complaining of the pain lol!

Yesterday was going so well...

till i found some malteasers... and it wasnt a small pack either!

Food wise i had been great tilll then... and i blew it...

Fruit & fibre with skimmed milk 4pts

Egg & ham pasta salad 5pts
Starburst 3pts

WW tomato & basil chicken 4pts
Veggies 0pts
WW chocolate crumble dessert 2pts

3 turkey drummers 3pts

Total 21pts :O)

Plus a tonne of malteasers :O(

Monday, 11 May 2009

I finally finished...

clearing out my wardrobe! i was shocked at how many tops, dresses etc... i have! yet i normally wear the same sort of clothes.... jeans and a jumper! and i found another 7 pairs of shoes hidden in the bottom to add to the other 60 in the shoe cupboard downstairs...

The thing that made me laugh the most was i have 14 dresses. yet your lucky if i wear 1, yes 1 a year, 4 of them still have the tag on... never worn. a couple not worn since i was 12st...

I am determined to become more feminine, so they are all staying except one that was too big!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

why am i finding it so difficult to...

put this blooming thing on my page... so i will have to keep posting in it each week after weigh in instead! :O) there is always a solution!!!

My measurements! or however you spell it!

I thought i better put them on her for two reasons ... 1. for all of you to see and 2. i will proberly loose them otherwise :O)

So this is 27lbs in from my heaviest and 17lbs in from when i rejoined in sept..

Right upper arm: 31cm
Right thigh: 69cm
Waist: 96cm
Hips: 118.5cm

Hopefully by the time i go to austria next month i'll be a few cm's smaller :O)

My fave food... no more!

Last night me and my OH decided to have chinese for a treat. I had my favourite sweet and sour chicken hong kong style (10pts) and it wasnt worth it, what a waste of points. I really did not enjoy it and it left a horrible taste in my mouth after and it was from the best chinese in my area!!! My tastes are finally changing!

Your proberly thinking if you really didnt enjoy it why did u finish it? well it is credit crunch time! so i had to make do! lol

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wi result!!!

Woo hoo! i lost 2lbs, so pleased... lots of good losses at the meeting tonight x

Clearing out my wardrobe!

And i found so many things that were either too big! YAY! :O)
or too small (from when i lost almost 3st before)... and...
... some size 18 trouser, jeans, shorts etc... still with the label on that are now too big!

I might take them to my meeting tonight and see if anyone wants them, seems a waste to throw them away.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Ok so nearly a month...

Since my last and first blog... but i completely forgot my login details like a muppet and anywhoo...

I feel totally addicted to biggest loser at the mo... i feel like i need to be on the show to actually get my butt in gear. But i think the problem is i dont weigh enough so i couldnt even apply, as the smallest people this time were just over 15st. so 2stone more than me! but they do so much fun stuff!

I do go to the gym but i could proberly push myself alot harder (as i did when i had a personal trainer for 10 sessions jan 08). My other half said he was going to join so he can help me get the most out of my work out but that was over a month ago... and i'm still waiting.! I think my main reason for wanting him to join is so i can get £10 knocked off my membership (he he he) so we can do a joint one!

I'm looking forward to my weigh in tonight... and i really love helping out. I would kinda recommend it to anyone, but at the same time i miss half the meeting as i'm sorting out the money or writing the envelopes so only catch the end of what nic says! but its great none the less! You feel like you have to do that bit more as its like your representing the company and you wouldnt want to pay someone at the paying desk or and the shop whose getting bigger, would you?