Sunday, 28 June 2009

Had a lovely day!

Had a really great day, me and OH went to meet my mum, dad and step dad at black bush market, had a good look round and then they came back to ours, we had chicken, salad and new pots for lunch in the garden.... and had my strawberry cakes 2pts each for dessert :O)

Then tonight OH came jogging with me, he's pretty fit and even he was sweating blaming his 2second sprint right at the end lol... but it was good he encouraged me to push myself harder... and was nice to do it together as its been ages since we last went to the gym together.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

woo what a work out day!

Ok so i went to the gym, and had a 40min work out.. which was fun, cancelled my membership :O( but i have till the end of the month.... so not many days, may not even get there as i have so much on!!!

...but i also when for a bit of a jog tonight... preparing myself for it, but it wasn't too bad... sweat like anything and thighs are stiff as anything so have been stretching them out!

:O) :O) :O) only i can achieve my dreams x

*Weigh in*

Sorry i havent been on i like a week OH was working away and took the lap top!

So i lost half a pound woo!!! i may get past this points of 12st 13lbs at some point, it just doesnt seem to want to go!

but i'm on a bit of a home made smoothie madness at the mo, smoothie a day for lunch! kiwi strawberry and banana made with ice cream a milk. 4.5pts but delicious!

I want to do a mixed berry one too that should be lush! looks like a trip to tesco is in order!

Any whoo i'm going to have to cancel my gym membership! its betting a bit costly... and take up jogging a cycling instead on a permenant thing... i still want to buy kettlebells but am currently using a 4 pack 1ltr Orange juices (as it has a lil strap to hold) 2 sets of 15 reps a day so far... and my thighs are feeling it! only started it 3 days ago!

Any one got any other ideas for free exercise?

J x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Post holiday weigh in!

and i gained half a pound!!! which is fantastic considering what i ate, the walking must have paid off... but now, i really need to get my head back into it... and back to the gym!

I watched a program a while back on BBC and it said about protein makes you feel fuller for longer (and by going by what i have eaten today i would agree) and low fat dairy helps stop the fat being absorbed, so i just passes through you, so I'm going to try and incorporate them both more in my diet and see if it makes any difference! I'll keep you updated :O)

Also I'm going knock my skincare regime up a bit and start buying miracle creams lol! As i have the beginnings of crows feet appearing round my eyes :O( I'm too young!!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

here a lil holiday pic :O)

This pic was taken in one of the bars in Shwedenplatz 5/6/09
One thing i noticed, all my holiday pics are just of my top half, except one at the museum....

Helloo!!! Back from holiday :O)

We had a lovely time, was really nice spending proper quality time together...we didn't do so much touristy bits this time, just chilled more in the day and out at night... mind you we did get to the natural history museum.... :O)

OK so down to the nitty gritty... I'm dreading weigh in!!! that's all i can say, my sneaky peek when i got back said i had GAINED 5lbs.... so I'm trying to do some damage limitation before weigh in on Thurs...

I did do loads and loads of walking on holiday, but i didn't get my trainers out for jogging... but walking is better than nothing as i don't do much of that here! Just gym and moving my feet for the pedals in the car...

also food wise it started out well, my OH's uncle cooked dinner for us every day, chicken, rice and salad, pasta salads and some nice Austrian dishes, but by half way through everything ended up being fried... hence the suspected huge gain....

anyway back to reality... as soon as we walked through the door! a mountain of post, bills, junk and all sorts.... and a speeding ticket.....36mph on a 30 road... i thought it was 40mph road.... first one i over 6 years of driving, but a pain in the butt none the less.... i will be more visulant too!

anyways hope everyone has a good week x x x x

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

woo, last post before holiday...

Ok so my trainers are packed, i hope i keep the jogging up while i'm away, my only concern is how hot it is at the moment... :OS Although lots of walking will be included...

I've been rushing round the shops for those last minate bits, I finally got the white 3/4lenghs i have been looking for for weeks, they either have too many pockets (make me look bigger) or too see-through... but these ones are perfect and only £8 from asda!

Now all i need to do is double check everything, and tidy the house and pick OH from the station when he fins work :O)

Speak to you soon x x x