Saturday, 27 June 2009

*Weigh in*

Sorry i havent been on i like a week OH was working away and took the lap top!

So i lost half a pound woo!!! i may get past this points of 12st 13lbs at some point, it just doesnt seem to want to go!

but i'm on a bit of a home made smoothie madness at the mo, smoothie a day for lunch! kiwi strawberry and banana made with ice cream a milk. 4.5pts but delicious!

I want to do a mixed berry one too that should be lush! looks like a trip to tesco is in order!

Any whoo i'm going to have to cancel my gym membership! its betting a bit costly... and take up jogging a cycling instead on a permenant thing... i still want to buy kettlebells but am currently using a 4 pack 1ltr Orange juices (as it has a lil strap to hold) 2 sets of 15 reps a day so far... and my thighs are feeling it! only started it 3 days ago!

Any one got any other ideas for free exercise?

J x

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