Sunday, 14 June 2009

Helloo!!! Back from holiday :O)

We had a lovely time, was really nice spending proper quality time together...we didn't do so much touristy bits this time, just chilled more in the day and out at night... mind you we did get to the natural history museum.... :O)

OK so down to the nitty gritty... I'm dreading weigh in!!! that's all i can say, my sneaky peek when i got back said i had GAINED 5lbs.... so I'm trying to do some damage limitation before weigh in on Thurs...

I did do loads and loads of walking on holiday, but i didn't get my trainers out for jogging... but walking is better than nothing as i don't do much of that here! Just gym and moving my feet for the pedals in the car...

also food wise it started out well, my OH's uncle cooked dinner for us every day, chicken, rice and salad, pasta salads and some nice Austrian dishes, but by half way through everything ended up being fried... hence the suspected huge gain....

anyway back to reality... as soon as we walked through the door! a mountain of post, bills, junk and all sorts.... and a speeding ticket.....36mph on a 30 road... i thought it was 40mph road.... first one i over 6 years of driving, but a pain in the butt none the less.... i will be more visulant too!

anyways hope everyone has a good week x x x x

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  1. Hey, sounds like you had a fab time! You'll have that gain off in no time, good luck for your next wi. C x