Sunday, 15 November 2009

So... i had my first weigh in!

and i had lost 2lbs, which i was really pleased with... :O)

I know your proberly thinking but that was over 2 weeks... but i struggle to get big losses anyway due to my pcos and also totm came along too.

But I'm going to keep going and try to loose 9lb in the next 6 weeks to have lost my 5 % for Xmas!

Unfortunately i can't make my weigh in next we because of work again, but will defiantly be there the week after.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Going well so far!!!

Well well well, unfortunately i couldn't make it to weigh in this week due to work (messed up the rota's and no one to cover my shift). I did have a sneaky peak on my scale and it was looking good! But instead of my ww devil coming out to play and me thinking i can have lots of naughty treats as i would have a few extra days to be good, my little ww angel came out and i went to join the gym instead, and have eaten really well.

I've found out there are some great weight watchers meals out there like the beef with black bean sauce and rice, steak and mushroom pies (although very little filling - they feel like a naughty treat because of the pastry) and some not so nice like chicken jalfrezi, and the naan breads - tesco light choices naan are lush though, not dry at all!

It feels really good to be back at the gym, although my first session on thurs really took it out of me. I really noticed how unfit i was, so took it easy and still i ached so much that evening especially round my knees and shoulders... but it was nice to get that feel good feeling afterwards..

Roll on thursday I'm really looking forward to weigh in! I'll keep you posted x

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm Back!!!!

Ooh its been over 2 months and i kinda lost the plot, but decided to make a fresh start at weigh in on Thursday! Weighing in at 13st 12lbs.
I'm going to set myself little goals to make it more achievable... i have 11lbs to loose for my 5%.
On Thursday i went weight watchers crazy, brought Iceland, Tesco and Morrions out of their weigh watchers foods! Fridge and freezer were full. and loads of fresh veg and fruit to go with it.

I thought it would be best to go back to basics, cereal for breakfast, jacket pot, sandwich or ready meal for lunch, ready meal and veg for dinner... just till i get back in the swing of things properly and get my portions sizes right again!

i was looking on Asda's website as i don't have one near me and they do weight watchers chicken pies!!! and beef pies! and as its my day off I'm going to drive to my nearest one about 20-25mins away, nothing beats a good chicken pie!!!

wish me luck and i hope i have a good weigh in on thursday! :O)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Chunky Monkey's back on the wagon!

Me again... had my first WI since the 23rd of July.... so 5 weeks ago and 4 missed weigh ins... i was on holiday for one week and the rest work related and not really stuck to the plan AT ALL!!! but on the plus side i only gained 3.5lbs and i had jeans on which i don't usually wear!

But i am pretty focused went food shopping tonight... got some nice shape (satisfied for longer yogurts) mikado's (only 0.5pts for 3) chicken, spices, and stir frys etc :O)

I'll keep you updated :O)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Well well well another weigh in!

And i gained 1lb so thats 4.5lbs in two weeks!!! what a bummer... and i have been reasonable this week as well! but i could have still been catching up from last week as i was totally AWFUL!

But on the plus side :O) ordered a coat from the catalouge... was a bit unsure wether to or not as it was a size 14 >>> in petite's range so thought it may be way too tiny, and i thought the material was going to be a bit flimsy but it like a perfect fit and looks totally hot!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I just worked out that for me to gain those 3lbs this week i would have had to have eaten and extra 10500 cals in the past week. That's totally crazy i feel such a pig!

On the plus side... during my break today i went for a 40min bike ride :O)
and am track track tracking!!!

Today i am having...

Fruit and fibre with skimmed milk = 4pts

Banana, strawberry and kiwi smoothie =4.5pts
WW raisin peanut and chocolate bar = 1.5pts

Pasta with tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn with tuna chunks and extra light mayo = 5pts

Walkers baked cheese and onion crisps 1.5pts
Weight Watchers raisin peanut and chocolate bar 1.5pts

Total 18pts

I normally have 24pts... but giving fast start a go this week to try and help get rid on the 3lbs i gained... plus i earned 2.5bonus pts too!

Fingers crossed for Thursday!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

What a WI.... What an excuse!!!

OK OK i gained 3lbs this week... i know exactly why too! Comfort eating as i was a bit sad about Michael Jackson dying... Well that's what I'm telling myself!!!

Or it could be the fact i didn't go running or cycling this week due to the rubbish weather and the 250g bag of m&m's i ate... (a shocking 24 pts - over my daily allowance). the chicken nugget happy meal with CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE (11pts), the Ginsters chicken and mushroom slice (11pts) or the Ginsters Cornish pasty (12.5pts)

Gotta get back on track as i've gone from 2lbs away from my 10% to 5lbs!!! Track Track Track!!!

RIP MJ your music will go on forever x