Thursday, 16 July 2009

Well well well another weigh in!

And i gained 1lb so thats 4.5lbs in two weeks!!! what a bummer... and i have been reasonable this week as well! but i could have still been catching up from last week as i was totally AWFUL!

But on the plus side :O) ordered a coat from the catalouge... was a bit unsure wether to or not as it was a size 14 >>> in petite's range so thought it may be way too tiny, and i thought the material was going to be a bit flimsy but it like a perfect fit and looks totally hot!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I just worked out that for me to gain those 3lbs this week i would have had to have eaten and extra 10500 cals in the past week. That's totally crazy i feel such a pig!

On the plus side... during my break today i went for a 40min bike ride :O)
and am track track tracking!!!

Today i am having...

Fruit and fibre with skimmed milk = 4pts

Banana, strawberry and kiwi smoothie =4.5pts
WW raisin peanut and chocolate bar = 1.5pts

Pasta with tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn with tuna chunks and extra light mayo = 5pts

Walkers baked cheese and onion crisps 1.5pts
Weight Watchers raisin peanut and chocolate bar 1.5pts

Total 18pts

I normally have 24pts... but giving fast start a go this week to try and help get rid on the 3lbs i gained... plus i earned 2.5bonus pts too!

Fingers crossed for Thursday!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

What a WI.... What an excuse!!!

OK OK i gained 3lbs this week... i know exactly why too! Comfort eating as i was a bit sad about Michael Jackson dying... Well that's what I'm telling myself!!!

Or it could be the fact i didn't go running or cycling this week due to the rubbish weather and the 250g bag of m&m's i ate... (a shocking 24 pts - over my daily allowance). the chicken nugget happy meal with CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE (11pts), the Ginsters chicken and mushroom slice (11pts) or the Ginsters Cornish pasty (12.5pts)

Gotta get back on track as i've gone from 2lbs away from my 10% to 5lbs!!! Track Track Track!!!

RIP MJ your music will go on forever x

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Woo *Wi Result*

Well what can i say... i lost 1lb really pleased.... so much better than a half :O) i feel like i havent had a good loss in ages :O)

Maybe the jogging and cycling is going to make a difference after all.