Sunday, 8 November 2009

Going well so far!!!

Well well well, unfortunately i couldn't make it to weigh in this week due to work (messed up the rota's and no one to cover my shift). I did have a sneaky peak on my scale and it was looking good! But instead of my ww devil coming out to play and me thinking i can have lots of naughty treats as i would have a few extra days to be good, my little ww angel came out and i went to join the gym instead, and have eaten really well.

I've found out there are some great weight watchers meals out there like the beef with black bean sauce and rice, steak and mushroom pies (although very little filling - they feel like a naughty treat because of the pastry) and some not so nice like chicken jalfrezi, and the naan breads - tesco light choices naan are lush though, not dry at all!

It feels really good to be back at the gym, although my first session on thurs really took it out of me. I really noticed how unfit i was, so took it easy and still i ached so much that evening especially round my knees and shoulders... but it was nice to get that feel good feeling afterwards..

Roll on thursday I'm really looking forward to weigh in! I'll keep you posted x

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  1. thats brill hun!!!! my devil side always comes out if i dont weigh in but well done you hun thats amazing and to join a gym is well very focused!! hope you get an amazing weight loss next week
    keep up the good work