Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm Back!!!!

Ooh its been over 2 months and i kinda lost the plot, but decided to make a fresh start at weigh in on Thursday! Weighing in at 13st 12lbs.
I'm going to set myself little goals to make it more achievable... i have 11lbs to loose for my 5%.
On Thursday i went weight watchers crazy, brought Iceland, Tesco and Morrions out of their weigh watchers foods! Fridge and freezer were full. and loads of fresh veg and fruit to go with it.

I thought it would be best to go back to basics, cereal for breakfast, jacket pot, sandwich or ready meal for lunch, ready meal and veg for dinner... just till i get back in the swing of things properly and get my portions sizes right again!

i was looking on Asda's website as i don't have one near me and they do weight watchers chicken pies!!! and beef pies! and as its my day off I'm going to drive to my nearest one about 20-25mins away, nothing beats a good chicken pie!!!

wish me luck and i hope i have a good weigh in on thursday! :O)


  1. hun i wish u all the luck and well done for coming back and i know from previous attempts it not the easiest thing to do!! think thats brill ur ticker is starting with ur 5% makes it less daunting then seeing 60lbs to go!!!!

    good luck for this week coming hun sure u,ll do brill

  2. Good for you for getting back to it. you're sounding as though you're in the right frame of mind. Have a fab week xx