Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What a weekend!!!

I did so much driving, drove to kent on sat as me and OH went to stay at my parents, which was nice, then on the sunday, had to drive from kent to SE London, to get my OH food shopping as he gets it from a cash and carry, meat, fish, yam, plantain, rice etc... then stopping by middlesex on the way home to take OH to see his daughter before going home back to berkshire, but an hour after we got back we decided to drive to wokingham for a drink as it was a beautiful evening... and while someone was sleeping off there hang over yesterday i had to work! Off today though!

Anywhoo i am going to dye my hair today... and this is the colour


  1. oooo nice colour! It will look lovely!


  2. Wow you was driving lots, you was in my neck of the woods well London anyway. Plantain is my favourite but I only like it fried so too many points :0(. The hair colour looks nice. good luck for your next WI, Chanel xx