Thursday, 14 May 2009

I'm in such a fantasic mood!

I'm in such a great mood having a real positive day! and would you believe i brought a whole outfit for £2.02? well its true! i purchased purple wedges, a white skirt, purple top and a necklace!

Well thanks to tesco! you know they send out the vouchers every 4 months? well i had £11.50 worth and i went in to tesco today and it turns out every £5 voucher you can turn in to £10. but you have to use it like on tesco clothing or in their skincare/makeup/perfume section, wine etc.. so i chose clothing and got £20 worth of vouchers, so i got the whole lot for £2.02 cash. i would have been £2.50 but i got 48p vat back lol. BONUS!

I think i will wear this new outfit for wi in tonight... I always wear the same clothes for weigh in. black trousers and a top. but i know its a crappy day but the sun is trying to come through and i need to do my transition to summerwear for weigh in... so skirt every week!

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