Thursday, 21 May 2009

Weigh in result!

Well, well, well i was very disapointed with just 0.5lb loss, as i have worked so damn hard, which means i'm still 2.5lbs from my 10 %. So fingers crossed for next week!


I'm still chuffed though :O) as on the flip side.... from my heaviest (my first attempt) i have lost a total of... 2stone!!! :O)

and also inches wise...

Previous ------------------- Current
Right upper arm: 31cm ------ 31cm = Same
Right thigh: 69cm ----------- 70.5cm = Gained 1.5cm
Waist: 96cm ----------------- 92cm = Lost 4cm
Hips: 118.5cm --------------- 117.5cm = Lost 1cm


  1. Well done, a loss any amount is great and all in the right direction to your Goal weight, good luck for next week, Chanel :0)

  2. Any loss is a loss! Keep going!